• Pray for Albania to continue to crack down on terrorism financing and work with the U.S. and other countries to combat terrorism.
  • Albanians have suffered through some terrible times. Under communism, 700,000 people were killed or imprisoned and the country has struggled to regain a sense of peace and order. Pray that the country’s leaders will work for a lasting peace that is honest and fair.
  • Pray for Albanians to meet Jesus and follow Him in a way that is culturally appropriate.        
  • Most ethnic Albanians are Muslims and live outside Albania in Kosovo or Macedonia. Pray that they would have opportunities to hear the Gospel.


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Population: 3,619,778
Total People Groups: 14
Unreached People Groups: 4
Region: Eastern Europe and Eurasia
Official National Language: Albanian, Gheg
Religions: Christianity 41.5%, Islam 38.8%, Other 19.7%
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Percentage of People in Poverty: 25%

Albania, officially known as the Republic of Albania, is a country in southeastern Europe. It borders Montenegro to the north, Serbia to the northeast, the Republic of Macedonia to the east and Greece to the south. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west and a coast on the Ionian Sea to the southwest. Seventy percent of the country is mountainous and rugged, making that region often inaccessible.

Culturally, Albania is Muslim and a major target for Muslim countries to send missionaries, but most Albanians do not have much understanding of Islam. In 1995. Albania was the most heavily “evangelized” nation in Europe by both Christians and Muslims.


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