The following is a report sent by TNO Himalayas that recently conducted an LCBTC Conference inside Bhutan. Specific data are edited for security purposes.

30th May to 7th June’2011.

I started journey from Nepal to Jaigaon (Bhutan border). Pastor S, one of our SOW & FGNF trainees from Jaigaon hosted me in his guesthouse. I was able to meet some pastors and leaders from the border: Pastor Sam, Pastor P and so many others. They invited me for lunch and dinner in their houses. They were asking me to conduct GNS, SOW and FGNF in Jaigaon and have decided to pray and wait for His right timing.

Next day, Pastor S and I went to Phuntsholing Bhutan (border of India – Jaigaon) to make our inner line permit, then we started our journey around 10am towards Thimpu (the capital); reached there (Thimpu) around 6pm and the next day we started our seminar. Pastor S also was one of our participants from India to attend LCBTC & GNS along with Bhutanese friends.

As an Indian we can enter into Bhutan free of cost; for all other countries they charge around $220 per night (included food, lodge and local sightseeing).

Bhutan is a beautiful country surrounded by Tibet & Northeast India.

Praise the Lord! We were able to conduct LCBTC and GNS in Thimpu, and Vision impartation in Paro.   TNO Himalayas have been praying for the region for God’s given methods and technologies to be imparted since 2005.


By His Grace we were able to communicate with Rev. RT, chairman and founder of one of the leading Christian associations in Bhutan. When he heard about our methods and strategies, he was willing to host the seminar in his premises...around 30 participants from 5 different churches of Thimpu participated the seminar along with the five pastors...during LCBTC & GNS seminar all the participants were attentive and listened carefully...many gave their excitement and said us that they would start LCBTC in their churches immediately...they were (also) saying that they had never attended this kind of seminar before.

One of the pastors from Thimpu said, "I have attended many trainings seminars and conferences and was searching for good materials in the Internet, but this time after learning and listening for 3days God has provided me LCBTC through you, I am so excited that God has sent you here." 

All of them have invited us again to complete the series (ready for 3yrs. Journey).  At the closing ceremony Pastor R said, "God has provided us His materials to our Bhutanese Churches through you; we will definitely implement these trainings in our cell groups and start Intensive Local Church Based Training Center."


The next day we went to Paro (50km from Thimpu) a beautiful city connecting Bhutan through airlines from the rest of the World.  Pastor Ru was waiting for us along with his friends. I shared the Vision of LCBTC with them and we fellowshipped for 3 to 4hrs. They were asking us to train (them in) LCBTC but our permitted time in Bhutan were running short; we said we will conduct the trainings next time. Again the following day we came back to Phuntsholing, Jaigaon, and rested a night and traveled back to our home.

Final Thoughts:

Bhutan is still not opened for the Gospel & they still have underground Churches. But those who are Christians already, they can practice their faith, but cannot preach the gospel to others, and also the constructions of Church buildings are not allowed. Christian workers from outside should also be very careful in what they are doing because there are many spies who keep a secret watch on Christians especially and give reports to the concerned department. Bhutan Government is very strict; if any complaints come to the government about somebody teaching about other religions or doing conversion, they will be imprisoned for 3 to 5yrs.

We need to pray for Christian associations inside Bhutan as they have already submitted their documents to the government for their recognition (registration). If government will register them, then they will be the first Christian association registered in Bhutan. 


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Hmmmm If i remember corelctry there is a reason behind the roof colours. Green roof's I think are private residences, red ones are government and yellow ones are religious. However I could be wrong because it has been a long time since someone told me this. When I was there back in 2000 there was only one traffic signal and it was functional. I was told that it was the only one in the whole of Bhutan. I guess it has been removed afterwards.I like the area near the river where you can walk around. Oh and I just love their vegetable market, it is so well organised even though its just a farmers market. Truly Bhutan may be the best country to live in South Asia. Also now I notice more people in western clothes in your photos then back in 2004 when I was there for the last time.
Bhutanese food is hot, no? Lots of ground-up red<a href=""> cihllies</a>! The Bhutanese tea with butter is terrible, though. Probably an acquired taste.I am so glad you decided to go to Paro as well. Loved the photo with the dzong, which looks precisely like it should half fortress, half temple.
great going thomas and sueprb efforts taken to keep all posted which i think it takes as much effort as driving if not more!i liked the celebrity part too. quite motivating, if ever one needs it on such a trip.just to also let you know there are followers here so keep them coming. [url=]qbfwrrtrn[/url] [link=]gnnxsyi[/link]
Hi Mr Chacko do let me know if I can help in any way with issues you are fnaicg in uploading photos to WordPress I host a couple of personal blogs using wordpress. What errors are you getting ? Pls email me if I can help. [url=]ifgxvbj[/url] [link=]keuducabx[/link]

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